Monday, 12 March 2012

Official Chuck Season 5 Cover

The official cover for the season 5 DVD has been released, and it looks awesome!

 Make sure you pre order your copy now and show your support.


  1. Seasons 1-5, all were the best combination of the writers and actors to strive for the best story which could be watched by the whole family that is also rare, when some shows have to use foul language to get a laugh is insulting at times. We hope we can find other TV shows with this synergy that Chuck series had.

    The Cake song that Chuck the TV series used just fit with the characters of the show, especially the two most watched central characters of Chuck & Sarah that crossed the generation gap. Of the old and new, it may bring back some past or current memories of love lost or love beginning.

    The Chuck TV series ended with slight disappointment but may leave a door open to another series or a movie. The fans want closure to the last cliffhanger; did the kiss really work, did they reaffirm their love, most of us think so.

    Will there be a movie or some type of continuing series on the internet?

    Will the fans and people just finding out about the series from the DVDs contact the TV show producers to consider any of this?

    The extended seasons happened by loyal fans buying Subway sandwiches to vote for another season. I am sure there could be other sponsors that would see this as a great investment. Most of the actors at the end of their TV series were open to a possible once a year episode instead of a full season TV series.

    Like the rest of us moving to a new job, these actors also find other work, but there is a time limitation that their commitments may not let them do anymore Chuck.

    Hey fans are you still interested?

  2. Zach said he would love Chuck movie kickstarter Id be more then willing to donate. So hell yes Im intersted! :D

  3. i loved the episodes and thought its was well written and would love to see more episodes or a movie