Monday, 26 March 2012

5000 And Beyond!

On the 22nd March this site hit 5000 page views, and I would just like to say a big thank you for everyone who visited and lets hope we can keep gaining more new visitors each day. Lets spread the word about Chuck VS The Movie and make this possible.


  1. Hi guys... I'm from Greece. I have watched every episode of Chuck at least 3 times. I'm a huge fan of the show and I REALLY want a tv movie. I don't know how you guys in America think of this, since I believe the site should have had 1 million views and I really mean it! This show is amazing. However if I may add, I really didn't like the ending, I saw some polls where people said that they would rate it 10/10 and I really don't get it. It's like they did it to make us not wanting any more Chuck seasons. I mean, the fifth season of Chuck was a failure ( I told you I love the series and even this season was cool for me cause anything about this show is). It didn't have any straight forward story, made Morgan lose some memories (Star Wars for God's sake!!!) and in the end they really blew it... What happened to the Deker's conspiracy? Anyway I'm overtelling things cause I really don't have anyone to tell them these sort of things. I just believe they made the fifth season of Chuck only for obligation. I hope that Chuck will get a proper SUPER movie being good at 1) Comedy, 2) Adventure and 3) Romance! We can do it!

  2. Just AWESOME guys! Keep it up and "Chuck Vs The Movie" will come. I have no doubt! Chuck fans are more powerful than any fan-base out there, including Firefly, it'll happen!