Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Possible Continuation of Chuck?

In the past few weeks the twitter and facebook pages for the NBC Store have been revealing a picture of some Chuck Figurines which started of as puzzle pieces and as each day passes a piece is revealed, showing more of the figurines.

On the newest post on the facebook page they said the following:
'Happy Wednesday! Some of these adventures were too big for television, so Chuck and his crew might not look like the characters you watched on TV each week. *wink*'

Could this be a hint at a possible continuation of Chuck? It sounds like there might be an animated series coming or maybe it will move onto comic books like Smallville has done recently with season 11 appearing in comics.

Even if it does appear on comics instead it would still be good that the series will still be going. What do you think? Leave you comments down below!

NBC Store Twitter - @nbcstore 
NBC Store Facebook Page - NBC Universal Store


  1. I think it would be the same...we need to Yvonne, zac,Adam,Joshua etc..

  2. Chuck vs. the cartoon, hmmm, similar to Eureka becoming a cartoon at Christmas. Interesting concept indeed.
    Though, honestly I think Chuck vs. The Movie is the way to go.
    I do think the series has grown greatly & unless we want to see Chuck & Sarah vs. their Spy Kids, with Uncle Casey teaching them sniper training & how now to shoot his helicopter with his Desert Eagle... Well Chuck Vs. The Movie please.

  3. we believe that the real cast and not the cartoon one is much better.hope the NBC will fulfill our wish to have a short happy ending series of chuck.we love to see sarah get her memories back again and the romance is there again too...

  4. I miss the show :(

  5. It needs to be the show with the original cast or a movie with the original cast or else it will suck.

  6. eitherway chuck will be carrying on.... cause for celebration me thinks :D