Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ways to help Chuck get a Movie

Now that the finale has aired and the series has finished with 5 seasons and 91 awesome episodes you might be wondering how you can help Chuck get a movie. Well there are plenty of ways you can help try and get a movie and spread the word about Chuck.
The first way you can help is by spreading the word to everyone you know who haven’t seen the series before. You can do this by buying the seasons on DVD/Blu-ray and giving them out to your friends and family to watch so that Chuck can gain more fans. You can also pre-order season 5 on DVD/Blu-ray to show your support for Chuck.

 Click on the Season covers to Buy/Pre-order
If the DVD/Blu-ray seasons keep on selling then it will show that there is still fan support out there who still want more Chuck.

If you have any ideas on how to help Chuck get a movie then please leave them in the comments below.



    1. I already have a link to it on the side bar.

  2. Go to the Facebook fan page for chuck and tell everyone!!!

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  4. already has nearly 93,000 signatures for a CHUCK MOVIE so go and sign

  5. We need to unite, cheesy, i know. but god damn there are 500 chuck petitions and 1000 chuck fan pages, Splitting a fan base cant be helping when they look for numbers.

  6. Zach said in a few interviews he would like a fan kickstarter for the movie. We need someone that can organize that, someone who wont misuse the money.

  7. Tim Jones Music CD. Now is the time to do something about keeping the memory of your favorite tv show alive; it's one last chance to show Warner Brothers we pack some punch. Join the Write-In campaign! It only takes a minute or two of effort. Just write a polite letter stating your request and some nice things about WB/Chuck. If enough of us do it, they’ll have to bow to the pressure. NBC did.
    Pop the completed letter into an envelope addressed to;

    Ms. Bronwyn Savasta
    Sr. VP Music
    300 Television Plaza
    Building 137, Suite 2061
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Stamp and mail. Simple. VIVA BUYMORIA!

  8. there is $1984440 pledged on this site for a chuck movie
    thats got to give us something right???? *chanting* chuck movie chuck movie make us a chuck movie etc..... :)