Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welcome to the Fan site for a Chuck Movie!

This is my first time blogging so I am sorry if I am not up to normal standards but I am hoping to get better in the future. This site is going to be a Fan Site for a Chuck Movie. With all the dedicated fans out there I think it is possible for a Chuck Movie. To start this site of I have created a poll asking you how much you are willing to spend for a Chuck Movie. Thanks for looking at my page and please check back for any related news!


  1. Let's get this blog advertised as fast as we can then! We need to make this happen, there isn't a maybe for this opportunity! There are so many dedicated Chuck fans all around the world, that can't go to waste.

    1. I agree that's why I have already made a twitter account for this blog and there are some other people on twitter who are spreading the word!

  2. I will help spread the word. I agree with Andy, we need to make this happen :)

  3. Just tell me what to do for getting a chuck movie...or another season...so sad that it ended yesterday.

  4. Remember it's Warner Bros that's in charge of all the film rights, nbc only have tv rights. So let's knock on Warner Bro's doors!